BEIBAMBOO  clothes are made with baby’s comfort and needs in mind.

We use a 50% bamboo, 50% cotton interlock fabric. Our designs can be used for a longer time than other brands, because of their built-in size adjustment possibility. This means that you won’t need to purchase them as often. The baby grow, for example, has a double row of poppers. The sleeves and trouser legs can be folded as needed. In the smallest sizes (40-50, 50-60cm) you’ll find fold over mitts, both in the baby grow and sleep-pod. The mitts are handy in preventing your baby from scratching herself with sharp nails. The all-in-one also has fold over foot warmers.

We have put a lot of thought in minimizing the number of seams. In order not to irritate your baby’s sensitive skin, all labels are on the outside of the garments, in the same colour as the logo-ribbon. The BEIBAMBOO® logo ribbon covers the seam, that has been sewn on to the external side of the clothes, so the inside is perfectly smooth. The generous models allows for all kinds of nappies. All our poppers and zippers are nickel-free, and because they are not colour coated, they will never look faded or scratched, as is often the case with cheaper baby-wear.  All materials all Öko Tex 100 certified, which means they are absolutely toxin, pesticide and heavy-metal free. As we do not want to unduly overload the already suffering water systems of the world with chemical dyes, we have chosen to only produce our garments in milky white. The dyes in the logo ribbon and our labels are ATSO free.

BEIBAMBOO® – a unique combination;

  • 50% bamboo, 50% organic GOTS certified cotton interlock
  • double row of poppers in the baby grow
  • fold over mitt
  • fold over foot warmers in all-in-one
  • very few seams
  • all labels and zippers on the garments external side
  • the preemie range is suitable for hospital use
  • generous models, good with all kinds of nappies
  • all materials are Öko-Tex 100- certified

The BEIBAMBOO logo ribbon covers the seams sewn on the external side (Pat.Pending PCT/FI2011/050002).


Awards & Accolades

• Design Deed of the Year 2012 | Vuoden Designteko 2012 Design From Finland
• Finalist at SOURCE Global Ethical & sustainable Fashion Awards, London 2012
• World Design Capital- program Helsinki 2012
• Special Recognition Award at EUWIIN Reykjavik 2011
• Silver Medal at Swedish Inventors Association, SUF 125 Stockholm 2011

Beibamboo in TV:

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Main Swedish National news; TV-nytt Beibamboo, 2.1.2012

Min Morgon; morning TV, in Swedish; Årets designgärning 2012/Design Deed of the Year 2012

Main Morning TV, about Womens Innovation Awards (in Finnish); Huomenta-Suomi 10.6.2011