Organic cotton and bamboo newborn and preemie hospital clothes

Caring for babies in a hospital environment, who have life saving IV-tubes and cannulae attached to them can be difficult and time consuming as well as painful for the child. When using regular baby wear, these wires have to be removed by trained medical staff before changing. Our range of newborn hospital clothes has a fully opening design that takes these essential tubes and wires into account.

Using our hospital range will mean that parents themselves can perform simple everyday tasks like changing their child’s clothes or nappies, thus bonding with and actively caring for their child. This not only frees up the hospital staff’s time, but has also been proven to speed up the baby’s recovery. (Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto)

Our award winning, smart design practically eliminates the risk of preventable infection.
Every time a cannulae or other device is removed from a baby and then re-attached, the risk of infection grows. Our designs minimise this risk.

  • Folding mitts prevent baby’s from hurting themselves with their own sharp nails, and stops them from accidentally removing or fiddling with vital medical equipment.
  • Designed in collaboration with NICU staff.
  • Made using a super soft bamboo/organic cotton mix.
  • All items are available in five different ribbon- and label colors.

Very few seams | No irritating labels inside | Smart adjustable sizes for longer usage

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