Parents of Preemies

Security & Comfort Makes for A Happy Baby

—World Health Organization

“an estimated 15 million babies are born too early every year.

That is more than 1 in 10 babies.”

A Sense of Security & Comfort

As a parent, providing the absolute best love, care and happiness, including comfort, and security are all you can think of when your baby is born. After all, your priorities have shifted in your life to create the security & comfort that make your baby happy. Starting from the very first day of your baby’s life, you have but a singular desire to provide your baby with a sense of security & comfort. So, where do you begin if your baby was born prematurely?

Like many parents, the thought never crosses your mind that your baby could be born too early. Yet, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), “an estimated 15 million babies are born too early every year. That is more than 1 in 10 babies.” And, your baby is one of those 15 million families. And, a sense of helplessness maybe one of many feelings you are trying to process, while staying strong and courageous at an uncertain time in life. Watching your baby lie inside of an incubator, in all likelihood, covered in a tangled web of wires and tubing; is the scariest moment possible for any parent of a newborn baby. Like other parents, you never want to see your child hurting or suffering—especially your baby. These feelings may leave you with all sorts of emotions, including helplessness, yet your baby’s life hinges on the very security & comfort the NICU is providing. While feelings of helplessness are not uncommon for parents of preemies, there is hope for you to be a part of your baby’s primary care provider team—BEIBAMBOO®.

Giving Parents and NICUs the Security & Comfort for All Preemies

As a mother of a prematurely born infant—someone just like you—Nina Ignatius’ daughter was born two months too early. Her journey did not start too dissimilar from your own. She felt helpless, terrified, and uncertain. She quickly realized she wanted to help and to be a part of her daughter’s security & comfort while in NICU. After all, it’s hard to say when a preemie will be discharged from a NICU and ultimately released from the hospital to go home. So, Nina began designing NICU-friendly clothing for her daughter. Not only did Nina design the clothing to speed up the baby-parent bond, but she developed an award-winning smart-design for prematurely born infants, parents of preemies, and hospital-NICUs.

Nina looked at many of the struggles and problems with the existing preemie clothing and submersed herself to innovate a preemie clothing collection with a smart-design.  And, like many other new parents, Nina did whatever it took to make her baby happy. She learned to sew, research eco-friendly material—fabric and secure fasteners— to develop a smart-design collection. Thinking her way through every detail that could reduce her stress and her daughter’s stress; and for preemies all around the globe. In the end, Nina had re-designed and re-thought how we think about baby clothing. Her smart-design makes dressing your baby painless, faster, and safer. All at an effort to create the security & comfort that makes for a happy baby!