Facing critique from your own mother about your parenting style…

Why is lounging around in your pajamas a whole day a sin? Here in Finland, winters get really cold. Combine -25’C with a howling wind, and you really do not want to venture outside unless absolutely necessary. Of course we own suitable clothing and proper outerwear, but if I don’t have to venture out, why should I?

On a cold weekend, we make popcorn, wear woolly socks and snuggle up together to watch a film. Or two. Then maybe we bake something together, or occupy ourselves with some arts and crafts. We read a lot, sometimes together, sometimes on our own.

Kids have a lot on their plate with school and hobbies. In our daughter’s case, us parents being divorced, she sometimes has a messy week, with albeit short travels between her parents, some degree of a hectic life. I really believe that when you can take it easy, you should. I know fresh air is good for you but so are hugs on the couch. But why should I become a better parent if I made my daughter get dressed in “proper” clothes on a weekend? Who is this genius that seems to think so?


Unfortunately my company Beibamboo has not yet started producing pajamas in adult sizes (any requests?). I chose cotton or bamboo pajamas for both of us anytime, instead of any made from fire-retardant materials that can be harmful to your health. I found an article about it from the Cleveland Clinic, that I invite you to read. Whatever makes you tick, have a great week. I know what I will be doing, or at least wearing, next weekend.




Picture from the Cleveland Clinic