The roots of our mission

Today we received an order

I had to follow up on it, as there was no specified colour on the purchase from our web shop. Admittedly, we were halfway thru uploading new products and the lack of info was on us.

I called the customer to ask what colour she chose, and to ask if she was aware that her order was from the Hospital Collection, as we had mistakenly put this ordered set of babygrow +trousers in the wrong set of product family on our web shop.

Yes. The order was correct. This lady had just become grandmother to a little girl weighing only 500g. I congratulated her, wished that all would go smoothly, but also told that our smallest clothes, 40-50cm would still be big for her grand daughter. But she had faith. Faith that the baby girl would grow. And she hoped that her order would reach her soon, as she had to travel to another city to visit her daughter and grand daughter. And she wanted to bring a gift. She wanted to DO something. To aid in any way she could. To make sure this little girl, her flesh and blood, carrying her own genes, had something soft and comfortable to wear when she grew a bit.

Just a reminder what my lifework is about.

Never lose faith.